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About Us

Our pashmina embodies timeless elegance.

We aim to always keep you warm and hold a place in your wardrobe and hearts, forever.

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Luxury of a Lifetime

Keep Warm is a promise of beautiful heirloom

items that will live in your closet forever.

From centuries-old regal traditions, handcrafted work of art, made from the finest textile in the world, let your skin feel not just what’s in the fabric, but also the Kashmiri heritage implicit in all that we offer.


Exceptional craftsmanship and eclectic embroidery combine to transfigure the finest wool into wearable pieces of art. Each creation is a keepsake, timeless, luxe fabrics that float with you from one life chapter to the next.


Timeless, worldly, and vibrant, our brand is for a woman so confident, she never has to seek the light, it seeks her, and it keeps her warm.

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